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a-z superhero paper toy

A – Z Superhero Paper Puppets

Who wouldn’t want their very own superhero with their insignia on it’s chest? Sounds awesome, well hey you could get your superhero right now? I’ve creates 26 unique superhero templates, one for each letter in the alphabet. You just choose your hero and put your initial on it’s chest and presto you got yourself one great Superhero!
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Superhero Jumping Jacks – Coloring edition vol 2

To encourage children’s (and adults) creativity Here’s some more coloring versions of the popular Superhero jumping jacks. In the file you will find versions of Ant-Man,The Hulk, Wolverine and Thor. Want your own Superehero coloring paper puppet? Just download the templates by clicking the link below and let your creativity flow! It’s as easy as print, color, cut and assemble!

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Chewbacca goes jumping jack

Chewbacca is clearly one of the most quirky and fun characters from Star Wars. A two-meter long haired creature who, as far as I know, does not say a single word that can be understood in all the movies. Han Solo and the other in the film understands what he says but for the rest of us, it sounds mostly like ahhhww. But he is cool so what could be better than a Chewie Jumping Jack. Simply download the file by clicking the link below. Then just print, cut and assemble, or Chewie would have said; AHHHHHWWW!

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