M. Gulin resources terms of use

The downloadable resources supplied on M.Gulin are available for use in your personal  projects.

You can:

– Use the resources in your personal work, in whole or part.  Share the resources with others, under the following terms:
– Link to the resource webpage, not the actual download file.
– Use an excerpt from the webpage if necessary (don’t copy the full article and paste it on your own website)

You Can Not:

– You can NOT sell the resources directly for profit
– You can NOT create saleable items directly from a resource.
– You can NOT make the resource files available for download outside of http://www.mgulin.com. (Link to the webpage, not the download file)


A credit or attribution to M. Gulin is not mandatory, but is very much appreciated. It’s not always convenient to add a credit or attribution to your design work, but remember there are other alternatives:
– Link to M.Gulin from your website or blog.
– Tweet about M.Gulin on Twitter or like on facebook.
– Use the ‘share’ buttons on the resource page to spread the Word.