Transformers Robots in disguise

One of my favorite cartoon and toys from childhood was the Transformers. There is something about those robots style and graphic design that still appeals to me. The story of the animated ’80s TV series i rember as really good and I really loved all the different characters. I read that Hasbro was not fully prepared for the franchise would hold so long, it was not the standard for  an animated television series that it ran for four seasons. The toys were sold by the tens of thousends.

Mine and many others favorite character is Optimus Prime. He is the unselfish leader personified. To help, he has the magical artifact Matrix of Leadership. It has inspired me to create my own version of this artifact. If you want to have your own Matrix of Leadership on a t-shirt, cell phone case or similar you can find it in my Society6 shop. We all need some Matrix of Leadership sometimes 🙂

Matrix of leadership

MAtrix of leadership tshirt

ipad matrix of leadership

wall art matrix of leadership

Zing Zang's Fantastical Zoo

Read the story – Create an adventure

The book has a whole set of wonderful free printable paper toys including the main characters, animals, vehicles and scenes. Download the free paper play set now!


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