The Karate Kid – Essential Items

The karate kid items

Many kids during the 1980s got inspired to try martial arts after the movie The Karate Kid was shown on the theaters all over the World. It was for sure one of my favorite movies when I was growing up. Everybody loves a underdog story and Daniel LaRusso is a real underdog. Scrawny and new to the neighborhood. The Movie has many classic scenes  or how about the classic quote “wax on wax of”. Those scenes inspired me to create some karate kid essential items. Art print and many other products are available at Redbubble. Here is Another quote from the wise Mr. Miyagi.

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The Patterns of fall Art print

The end of October can sometimes be a bit gray, but the contrast is all the leaves and fruits that explodes with color. This autumn pattern is inspired by that the small colorful things that brighten our day. You’ll find art prints and other products in my society6 shop.

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