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K-2SO paper puppet

Star Wars Droid K-2SO Paper Puppet – Printable

The Star Wars movie Rogue One is a smash hit worldwide. I liked the movie a lot, one of my favorite characters was the droid K-2SO. I thought he could do well as a paper puppet, hope you enjoy him. I like his cool personality. Do you want to have your own Star Wars K-2SO Paper Puppet? Download the template by clicking the link below. Then it’s as easy as print, cut out and assemble! Bonus! Also included is a coloring version so that you can color K-2SO the way you want. This printable is completly free!

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Pirate Party Invitation – Free Printable

Are you having a pirate themed party and looking for an invitation that fits your theme? Then this Pirate party invite will be awesome. This printable is completely free and is fully editable. You can add all the information you need, all you need is the free software Adobe reader to open and personalize your invitation.
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Sweater CHristmas Card

Sweater Christmas Card – Printable

Christmas is near and soon it’ll be that time of the year, you know time to send season’s greetings and happy holidays in the form of a joyous Christmas card. Why not do something different this year, and send a happy Christmas with a stylish holiday sweater.
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Haunted house favor box

Haunted House Favor Box – Free Printable

Halloween is just around the corner! Fun and scary decorations is a big part of this holiday, but an even bigger part is of course candy! So why not combine the two?! I’ve created a fun and easy paper Crafts in the form of a Haunted House Favor Box. Easy to assemble and best of all this prinatble is completely free! Fill it with some tasty candy and place them around the house or give them away as party favors.
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Superhero Favor Box

Superhero Favor Boxes – Free Printable

Are you throwing a superhero themed party or just having some superhero fun? Then these awesome Superhero favor boxes will be a great feature! These 4 boxes are fitted with the insignia and colors of Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Captain America. Fill them with something sweet or some other superfun surprise. Continue reading Superhero Favor Boxes – Free Printable