How to make Socks into a fun Father’s Day Gift

Father's day gift fun

Father’s Day is approaching, and as we all know it’s not the easiest thing to come up with ideas for gifts for dad. Why not take an ordinary gift and make it fun and endearing! Socks are for many a typical gift for dads. Practical and useful, but not so fun. With this awesome printable box for socks, you can make a fun gift out of socks and show your father how much he means to you.  This fun box for socks with a superhero theme is easy to print and assemble. It holds two pair of socks and comes with two sets of matching wrap-around bands. Get it at my Etsy shop and make your dad smile!

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Create Captain America’s Shield – Paper Craft

Captain America paper craft

Want a miniature Captain America shield with stand? This fun paper craft is a guaranteed hit among all superhero fans out there. Easy to print and create! This printable is completely free to download just click the download button below. 

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Create a fun Superhero Paper Toy – Free Printable

Create this fun and easy to make superhero bear! This free printable also includes a coloring version of the character. Let the children use their imagination and create their personal superhero. This printable is perfect for a fun time, download the template by clicking the button below. Then just print, cut out and assemble! 

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Create a Fun and Personal Father’s Day Gift

Celebrate your dad with this fun and personal Father’s Day gift! Let dad know he’s a real superhero with his own personal classic arcade game favor box. It’s easy to personalize the text on the box. Fill it with something sweet or other surprise for your own Super dad! Get the template in my Etsy shop, and start creating your personal favor box!

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Create your own Superhero paper puppet – Fun free crafts for kids

Sure he’s a pretty bad guy in the avengers movies but Thanos is a cool character in the superhero universe, and how fun are superheroes really without any bad guys! So grab this free printable paper puppet and join in the superhero fun! It goes great with all the other superhero paper puppets you can find on my website. You can have loads of fun assembling this character. Thanos the Titan is completely free! Just click the download button below, then it’s just a matter of print and assemble.

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Create your own Superhero Groot Paper Puppet – Free Printable

Are you having a superhero birthday ? Maybe you are looking for some fun superhero or Guardians of the galaxy related activity? Then this printable Groot paper puppet is the thing for you! You can have loads of fun assembling this loveable character. And best of all this wonderful Groot is completely free! Just click the download button below, then it’s just a matter of print and assemble.

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