Create a fun Superhero Paper Toy – Free Printable

Create this fun and easy to make superhero bear! This free printable also includes a coloring version of the character. Let the children use their imagination and create their personal superhero. This printable is perfect for a fun time, download the template by clicking the button below. Then just print, cut out and assemble! 

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Obi Wan Kenobi Paper Puppet – Free Star Wars Paper Toy

The force is strong with this paper puppet! Obi-Wan is a cool Jedi from the Star Wars saga. Among other things he’s a mentor to the young Luke Skywalker. Now you can create your own fun Obi-Wan paper puppet. Coloring version of the template is also included. This printable is completly free! To create this puppet all you need is paper, some paper fasteners and a printer. Simply download the file by clicking the link below. Then just print, cut out and assemble.

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Make your Superhero Party a Hit With a Fun Activity – A – Z Superhero Paper Puppets

a-z superhero paper toy

Who wouldn’t want their very own superhero with their insignia on it’s chest? Sounds awesome, well hey you could get your superhero right now? I’ve created 26 unique superhero templates, one for each letter in the alphabet. You just choose your hero and put your initial on it’s chest and presto you got yourself one great Superhero!

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Superhero Jumping Jacks – Coloring edition vol 2

To encourage children’s (and adults) creativity Here’s some more coloring versions of the popular Superhero jumping jacks. In the file you will find versions of Ant-Man,The Hulk, Wolverine and Thor. Want your own Superehero coloring paper puppet? Just download the templates by clicking the link below and let your creativity flow! It’s as easy as print, color, cut and assemble!

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Superheroes favor boxes blocks


Would not it be great if you could combine different superheroes with each other?! Now you can! Or how about combining Spider-Man with Iron Man or the Hulk with Ant-Man? Using these Super Hero Blocks you can combine no less than 6 superheroes.

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