Back to the future – Hill Valley x4

Hill valley through time

Everybody has at sometime dreamt of traveling through time and experience the future or the past. The films Back to the Future explores exactly this theme where Marty McFly travels back and forth within the time span 1885-2015. Central to the film is the town of Hill Valley, many fun details are shown in the three films. The development of the courthouse or the local diner for exampel. I have created my tribute to Hill Valley where you can follow the central buildings in their different guises.

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Back to the future 4x Delorean

Some of my favorite movies is Back to the Future 1-3. There is something about time travel and all the intricacies and opportunities that may arise. The time machine in the films is a DeLorean DMC-12, I remember that I thought the car was really cool so what better than a tribute to a classic time machine and car.

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