DIY Happy Birthday Bus Papercraft

Printable Birthday Bus

Is it time to celebrate someone’s birthday soon? Then I have a perfect freebie for you. Instead of giving away the traditional “Happy Birthday Card” you can celebrate a birthday by a happy birthday-bus. It is completely free and the only thing you need to do is download the file by clicking the link below. Then it’s just a matter of print, cut and assemble.

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The incredible Hulk goes Jumping Jack

The incredible Hulk

Not many superheroes are as iconic as the Hulk, so what better than a Hulk JUMPING JACK. Awesome huh?! Or like the green guy would say: HULK SMASH! Do you want to have your own incredible Hulk paper puppet? Just download the template by clicking the link below. All you have to do after that is print, cut and assemble!

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