Back to the future – Essential items

The year 2015 is an important year in the movie trilogy Back to the future. It is the year that Doc and Marty (Jennifer is also there), go to the “future”. And now we are here, everything has not quite turned out as filmmakers predicted, no hover boards yet and flying cars are not flying through the air. The films are in any case one of my favorites, the details of the script and stuff included is clearly masterfully executed. What do you need to succeed in time travel? I have collected some of the most essential items from the first film in an illustration.

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From The Earth To The Moon

from the earth to the moon

Jules Verne has been a great inspiration not only in literature, his books mixes adventure, science and excitement in a wonderful mix. Perhaps his most famous books is Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Around the World in 80 days. But another gem in among his books are From the Earth to the Moon. In this book, Verne predicts a number of things including that man will travel to the moon and that the rocket will originate from Florida, U.S.A.. But other things are not quite right, Jules Verne uses a huge cannon to shoot out the “rocket”, in order for it to leave Earth’s atmosphere.

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P-51 Mustang “Cadillac of the Sky”

p51 vector

P-51 was introduced during World War II and has since been found in many variations. The plane has become a classic, among other things because of this scene from the movie Empire of the Sun. Have always liked the design of this plane, so I put together an illustration. Prints, clocks, mugs, etc. are available through my shop on Society 6 .

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Knights of Ivanhoe

Under jul och nyår är det gott om traditoner, så även inom TV-program. Vi har ju Kalle Ankas jul m.fl. En tradition som har funnits mer eller mindre sedan 1982 är filmen/tv-serien Ivanhoe som sänds i Sverige på nyårsdagen. Kanske inte filmiskt mästerverk men den har onekligen sin charm om än något pojkaktig. Filmens extravaganta rustningarna och kläder tyckte jag var häftiga, i alla fall när man var en pojke. De har fortfarande en viss flärd, därför satte jag ihop dessa fem hjälmar och sköldar från några filmens huvudrollsinnehavare.

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