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Sweater CHristmas Card

Sweater Christmas Card – Printable

Christmas is near and soon it’ll be that time of the year, you know time to send season’s greetings and happy holidays in the form of a joyous Christmas card. Why not do something different this year, and send a happy Christmas with a stylish holiday sweater.
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DIY Santa Claus paper puppet

Christmas is a time for crafting. What could be more appropriate than a Santa Claus presenting gifts. That’s exactly what I’ve created here. DIY Santa Claus paper puppet. In the gift he is holding, you can hide something fun or maybe some candy. Simply download the template by clicking the link below. Then it’s just a matter of print, cut and assemble!

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Home Alone Christmas

The film Home Alone is a true Christmas classic. In addition to Kevin, his family and the villains The Wet Bandits. The family’s house plays a large role in the film. I have therefore drawn inspiration from the stunning house and created this art print.

What could be better to bring in the Christmas than this!? Art prints and other products are available as usual in my Redbubbleshop.

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Christmas tag

DIY Christmas Tags

Christmas is approaching and soon it’s time to wrap up all the presents. Paper, string and stickers or Christmas tags are all needed when wrapping. I put together 6 pieces of colorful and Christmassy tags. It is completely free and all you need is to download the file by clicking the link below, and then print and cut. The tags are best suited for thicker paper or card stock.

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Skapa julstämning med bakgrundsbild till mobilen

Julen närmar sig med stormsteg så vad kan vara mer lägligt än bakgrundsbilder till din mobil för att du ska känna den där sköna julstämningen! Här hittar du julmönster till din Iphone eller Samsung. Klicka bara på bilden och spara ner den på din mobiltelefon och så kommer du garanterat känna Christmas feeling.

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Julstämning med sömlöst mönster till din mobiltelefon

Satte ihop det här juliga mönstret för att komma i julstämning. Du lan ladda ner det till din mobiltelfon och använda som bakgrund. Det är bara att spara ner bilden och din julstämning ökar garanterat!

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