Ninja Turtles Jumping Jacks – Coloring Edition

Cowabunga dude! Now you can download Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jumping jacks in coloring versions. Download Michelangelo and the rest of the guys and get creative! Just click on the link below! Then it’s just a matter of print, color, cut and assemble!


leonardo-coloring raphael-coloring donatello-coloring


Content:  Coloring Ninja Turtles Jumping jacks
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11 thoughts on “Ninja Turtles Jumping Jacks – Coloring Edition”

  1. Hi M? Gulin
    Thank you again for the coloring addition! I had a request for a female super hero coloring addition and also while you are at it, Batman is a favorite at the clinic.Could he go jumping jack with a cape?
    Thank you!

  2. What are the instructions for assembling the string mechanism? I can’t figure out how to get the little guy to do a jumping jack. Help!

  3. Hi, I was trying to download the file but only a Zip file is downloaded and I have problems opening it. Any chance of being able to get a PDF?
    thank you so much. so looking forward

    • Hi Ana
      If you’re having trouble with the zip file, check out my help section under Software requirements. There are several files in this download (one for each cool Ninja Turtle) and that’s why this must be a zip file.


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