Create Captain America’s Shield – Paper Craft

Captain America paper craft

Want a miniature Captain America shield with stand? This fun paper craft is a guaranteed hit among all superhero fans out there. Easy to print and create! This printable is completely free to download just click the download button below. 

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Star Wars Paper Craft – Boba Fett Paper Puppet

Want to create a cool Star Wars themed paper craft? Then this awesome looking Boba Fett paper puppet is the right craft for you! This paper puppet is completely free, just click the download button below. Then it’s just a matter of print, cut and assemble. Fun craft for any Star Wars fan of any age. 

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How to create a festive Christmas train

Christmas paper craft

Part of the fun of the Christmas season is making Christmas ornaments to decorate your home. This free printable Christmas craft will work great as a fun Christmas décor or as a fun paper toy project for you and your kids. There’s also a coloring version included, so you can get really creative with the color style you want for your Christmas train! Download the free PDF-file by clicking the link below. Happy Holidays to all! 

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Create a fun Superhero Paper Toy – Free Printable

Create this fun and easy to make superhero bear! This free printable also includes a coloring version of the character. Let the children use their imagination and create their personal superhero. This printable is perfect for a fun time, download the template by clicking the button below. Then just print, cut out and assemble! 

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Create Your Own Dinosaur – Free Printable

Dinosaur are fun, cool and awesome! Wouldn’t it be great to design your own dinosaur. You know, nobody knows what colors dinosaurs really had, so the they could have looked like anything. Maybe they were bright pink or maybe black and white stripes. Any guess is good. So grab this free printable and create a wonderful unique dinosaur! Download the printable by clicking the button below. All you need is a printer, paper and glue.

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