Children’s picture book with free printable paper toy set

Read the story – Create an adventure

Do you want to get your children excited about storytelling as well as reading and at the same time have an adventure of their very own? Then this new adventurous children’s book is for you! The book has a whole set of wonderful free printable paper toys including the main characters, animals, vehicles and scenes. Download the paper play set now!

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Create your own personalized Halloween party invitations – Easy printable

Time for a monster mash! Make your Halloween or monster themed party a bit more personalized with these free editable Halloween party invitations. All text is editable so you can change it to whatever suits your needs. Easy and fast, just edit the invite with the free software Adobe Reader. Then it’s just a matter of printing and cutting out your monstrous party invitations, guaranteed to get your guest in that Halloween feel. Approximate size of card: 177 mm/4.6 in x 130 mm/5.1 in fits standard A7 envelope)

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How to create your own personal superhero party invitations – Free Printable

Are you planning a superhero themed party? Wan’t your invitations to have a fun and personal look to them? These awesome superhero party invites are easy and fast to personalize and create. They have a cool comicbook layout and they are completly free to download. You can personalize the superhero logo letter, name, time, place and rsvp information. All you need is the free Adobe reader and a printer and some scissors, then you’re ready to create your own personal Superhero party invitations!

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How to create a wonderful Father’s day Card – Easy Free DIY printable


Father’s Day is a perfect occasion to have loads of fun with your Dad and to let him know how much you appreciate and care about him! Start off by creating a wonderful and personal Father´s day card. Show your dad he’s the number one father around!

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Great idea for an easy DIY Mother’s day card

It’s time to celebrate perhaps the most important person in your life – your mum! Pamper her, show her how much you care. Moms everywhere deserve to be treated specially on Mother’s Day. With this card you can show your mother how much she means to you.

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Easy Easter crafts for kids – Easter bunny paper puppet

This easy and inexpensive craft will put a smile on any child’s face. Every child loves the cute and lovable Easter bunny. This fun paper puppet will be a great activity in the upcoming days to Easter. You can print the bunny and assemble him or you can print the coloring template also included and let the children color their Easter bunny just the way they want him. 

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